"Inspired, effective web experiences that capture and promote the essence of your brand,
        generate actionable ideas, obtain new clients and grow your business ."
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Take A Seat (or stand)…

Begin at the beginning. Who are you, what's your story, where are you going
and how can we help you achieve your goals?
This is how your web design experience begins when you retain TOL23 Design. We are not your average design company, we listen to what you, our client, want and try to implement it to produce the best results for your business.This is the most important part of the design process, we need to have a full understanding of your business, your clients and your competition, so we can propose effective marketing strategy to help your business thrive online.
Only then can we artfully craft the means to get there with inspiring graphics, pitch-perfect copy and platform-conscious,
efficient, on-message design.
"A brand needs the air of consistent, positive interaction with your audience to grow and flourish.
When working together, we can can establish, maintain and build upon those priceless emotional connections
that are vital to keeping your message fresh, and your customers choosing you time after time."
See how our passion, talent and attention to detail
can help your story reach a global audience.
How people perceive your brand directly effects how many people will buy your brand.
A powerful, memorable and inspiring corporate identity separates you from your competition .
If your company doesn't yet have a corporate identity, we can develop a
logo that is simple, effective and recognizable. If you have one already we can
work with you to update your image if necessary, or work precisely
within the bounds of your current aesthetic.
Some recent work of ours includes:

What A Tangled Web…

Well, actually no - that's the point; your website should be clear,engaging and as simple as possible.
We are experts in creating high end custom design websites that whilst aesthetically exciting, combine state of the art CRO techniques and proprietary website architecture to effectively convert viewers into customers.
Our many satisfied clients from the last 8 years have included Fortune 500 companies, platinum selling rock bands, non-profit organizations, multi-media based websites, music industry, attorneys, construction based companies to small start ups. We believe that every size of business should have the opportunity to high quality web design irrespective of their budget and at TOL23 Design we try to make that a reality

Some highlights of recent work include:
button: view the DonFelder.com site image button: view the DJPaulEdge.com site image button: view the TKOCO.com site image button: view the ForeclosureLawLLC.com site image button: view the MorganHillLawOffices.com site image button: view the PlatinumLawyers.com site image button: view the SearsLegal.com site image button: view the ProAndConrad.com site image button: view the StyxWorld.com site image button: view the ThinLizzyOnline.com site image button: view the SapphireLounge.com site image button: view the RJMovie.com site image

"Build It And They Will Come…"

With a lot of help from SEO.
Once your site it built and launched, you'll need SEO - Search Engine Optimization, to ensure a steady stream of visitors, views and conversions. All of our sites are built incorporating effective SEO techniques.
Unlike our competitors, we include this as part of the design process, which enables you to invest your entire design budget into your custom web site.
However, Google changes it's SEO algorthms over 400 times a year, so we offer a free monitoring service for 12 months after your website is launched to ensure that your new website is performing to its maximum effectiveness.For our clients who require a more aggressive marketing tool, we have developed and successfully deployed an excellent proprietary tool to do just this: TOLSEO™. What is SEO and why is it important ?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to a method of constructing and promoting a website in ways favor it ranking highly when it's visited by the major search engine programs as they programmatically explore sites on the web, and collate the results of their visits to compile search engine results. Search engine "robots" as they are called will rank a site positively based on several factors that include the keyword content and a logical structure. Sites are scanned to see how likely they are to be an authoritative and meaningful resource for potential users of the search engine.

Our TOLSEO approach to designing and populating webpages and networks of sites has proved very successful time and time again for those companies for whom we have carried it out. Because of their increased visibility near the top of the search engine results' pages these clients have increased overall user visits, and converted those visits into significant increases in business.
Some recent TOLSEO sites:

button: view the TOLSEO Example 1 site image button: view the TOLSEO Example 2 site image button: view the TOLSEO Example 3 site image button: view the TOLSEO Example 4 site image button: view the TOLSEO Example 5 site image button: view the TOLSEO Example 6 site image

The Power of Video

Why video may be the answer to your CRO issues.
With so many websites to choose from, the consumer frequently gets lost in the myriad of choices she/he has. The power of video is such that it can close the deal for you and get the consumer to call you right away.
With the rapid growth of the mobile marketplace, video can be your most powerful weapon, delivering your message quickly, concisely and delivering such a powerful call-to-action that the end user wants to pick up the phone and call your business right away. Now that is effective CRO.
At TOL23 Design, our unique and cost-effective approach to designing powerful and engaging web videos, viral marketing pieces, music videos has proved to be supremely effective at attracting and promoting interest in a business, cause, campaign or brand. Added to this videos can reach millions in a very short time, they look equally as good on a cell-phone as they do on a traditional browser. Our ViRel marketing strategy, which incorporates referral and viral marketing techniques,is a powerful tool for businesses that rely on repeat business and customer recommendations.
Some of our successful productions include:
Watch ForeclosureLawLLC Video Watch Progressive Source Communications Video Watch Earthman Video Watch Unstoppable Video Watch We Will Not Be Silenced Part II Video Watch TOL23 Design Testimonials Video

What Our Clients Say…

“Using TOLSEO, our web traffic has increased exponentially. As more and more consumers use the internet to obtain legal services, we are now well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. Paul is accessible, responsive, and has a real interest in our success. I cannot recommend him and TOL23 Design highly enough!”

Clint Morgan - Senior Partner, Morgan Hill Law Office, Olympia, Washington

“I decided to invest my marketing budget with TOL23 Design and TOLSEO. I took a leap of faith, relinquished control, and hired them to re-design my website and to do what they do with SEO. It paid off. The website looks great; a huge difference from the one we had done in-house. Also, the traffic to the website immediately increased and continues to increase. The numbers don’t lie. And the page ranking on Google is further evidence of this. The collaborative process was just as they had told me it would be. I was in regular communication with TOL23 Design as the website pages were created and tweaked. I recommend TOL23 Design.”

Charles E. Sears, Attorney - Law Office of Charles Sears, PLLC

“TKO have worked with TOL23 Design since 2005. They have built 2 custom websites for us and on each occasion have pushed design boundares to accurately capture the TKO brand. We were never excluded from the design process, in fact, after every major development milestone, we were consulted for our opinion. This is what separates TOL23 Design from their competition, their willingness to incorporate our ideas where possible. TOL23 Design are highly professional, they deliver on time and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Andrew Goodfriend, CEO - TKO

“When we set out to create a new short film about ClimateCounts.org, we wanted something distinctive, powerful, and fresh. There's so much media overload these days that we knew we needed to work with a team that could really make our message stand out and ring true. Paul and Mike at TOL23 Design were phenomenal to work with. We feel so lucky that the energy and creativity they brought to "We Will Not Be Silenced" now makes our film "Unstoppable" an incredible cornerstone for our website and one of the most exciting and persuasive films out there today about solutions to climate change. TOL23 Design is truly cutting edge. Their films pull you into the ideas they present - they're magnetic. The message of ClimateCounts.org is clearer and more authoritative because of our collaboration with Paul and Mike.”

Wood Turner, Project Director, ClimateCounts.org

“TOL23 Design has been a partner for many of our services and provide top quality work with a willingness to go the extra mile. Their attention to detail and precise design are unmatched - delivering a very high level of work at a very reasonable cost. Our first choice in web design.”

Brendhan Hight, WDS Global

“We were in need of a total redesign for one of our clients. We needed something cutting-edge, and we needed it quickly. TOL23 nailed it.”

Sterling Bacon, Alliance Artists

“When we set out to design Croshal Entertainment's website, we wanted to clearly convey the company's forward-thinking strategy in allowing major artists to take control of their own destinies. The site needed to be dynamic - music, video, compelling visuals - so potential clients could experience what we actually put in place for the clients we help. It needed to be robust to support the media and the enormous amount of information about the company, our unique services, and my history as a 30-year veteran as a music executive. TOL23's innovative approach to web design and internet marketing allowed me to have a tremendous self-marketing tool.”

Fred Croshal, CEO, Croshal Entertainment Group

“Paul and Mike at TOL23 Design are true professionals who simply don't stop until the job is done. They took our basic idea and turned it into a short film we are extremely proud of. The enthusiastic feedback we've received about our film has just reinforced for us time and time again why working with TOL23 Design was the right decision. The high standard they set for themselves makes them a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough positive things about working with TOL23 Design. Paul and Mike care about the point of view of their clients, but they aren't paralyzed by it. They're full of incredible ideas and do a great job of collaborating with clients, not just executing. They obviously take a tremendous amount of pride in the work they do. I hope we'll have many more opportunities to work with them.”

Alice Markowitz, Vice President of Communications, StoneyField Farms

“TOL23 Design has created some of the most innovative, compelling web video to be seen anywhere. Their blend of animation, text, video and images is superb, and even better, they have a great sense of humor.”

Jonathan Greenberg, CEO, Progressive Source Communications

“We knew TOL23 was in a league of their own on a technical and creative level before we hired them. What we didn’t know but quickly learned, and what ultimately sold us, was the overwhelming feeling that we were adding a true partner to our team; someone who genuinely cares about how our client is represented, and someone who takes tremendous pride in details that many designers and developers prefer to ignore. They told us they would deliver a world-class site and they did.”

Sterling Bacon

“I have used Tol23 Design as my web designers for seven years now. They are talented, visionary, precise and easy to work with. Their sites (I've built a dozen with them) always exceed my expectations. They are also very reasonably priced, considering the power of their work. I would choose no other company. ”

Dale Wiley - Entrepreneur and Attorney-At-Law, Foreclosure Law LLC

“Working in the film and television world, I'm accustomed to seeing high end work on a daily basis. Rarely, however, do I come across a creative team as aesthetically elegant and conceptually compelling as TOL23 Design. They've done two websites for me (for film projects), and they're both extraordinary. First, they magically capture the essence of your project, then make it come alive online not only in a seamlessly functional way, but with an artfulness that is shockingly beautiful.”

Jeffrey Abelson, Film-maker.